ITU-APT Foundation of India presents:
THE 26-28 GHz

New Delhi, India
Sep 27-28, 2018

2018-09-28 09:00:00
Sep 27-The Park: Workshop starts @3PM followed by Dinner @7PM
Sep 28-The Imperial: Workshop starts @9AM

Invitation from ITU-APT

ITU-APT foundation of India is leading national efforts to enable 5G become a commercial reality in India. This initiative is a critical part of our national objective to realize the India 5G vision and in doing so hopes to accelerate 5G deployments around the world. The 26-28 GHz India 5G spectrum Workshop by ITU-APT is being organized with the following objectives:

  • Consider the use of the frequency range 24.25-29.5 for early introduction of 5G terrestrial mobile communications in India
  • Encourage global and domestic manufacturers, regulators, and technology providers that are supportive and committed to the early deployment of 5G terrestrial mobile communications in this frequency range to participate in India 5G initiative.
  • Review the sharing studies between satellites and mobile IMT systems and recommend necessary sharing guidelines
  • Discuss the regulatory conditions that may be needed to facilitate economies of scale for 5G equipment in this range.
  • Exchange information and experiences regarding regulatory conditions, trials, and implementation opportunities in this range
  • Assist in the development of national views of the mobile Industry in this range for 5G.

Participation assistance

Please confirm your participation by email to Ms. Aarush at Ms. Aarush can also help you with travel arrangements and hotel booking etc. She can be reached at +91 999 979 7700 by phone, SMS or Whatsapp.

Conference Speakers


Agenda & Sessions

Day 1 @The ParkThursday Sep 27, 2018
15:30 — 16:00

5G Tech - Registration and Networking High Tea

16:00 — 16:45

SESSION 1: 5G Radio

The session focuses on the key concepts introduced in 3GPP 5G NR (New Radio) Standards from both the PHY and MAC perspective that are vital to meeting the ITU requirements for 5G while highlighting the differences with respect to the handling of similar issues in 4G/LTE. In particular, emphasis is given to Frame Structure Design, Reference Signals, Synchronization, Initial Access, Control Channels and Data Channels. The talk, in addition will touch upon the crucial results of Millimeter Wave Channel Characteristics as observed in real field measurements.
16:45 — 17:30

SESSION 2: Next-Generation Core

The session will offer insights to 5G core network aspects. An overview of new 5G core network elements and architectural differences with 4G will be detailed. Further, the session will highlight key differentiating 5G features (such as Network Slicing, Service Based Architecture (SBA), Interworking, QoS enhancements, and Non-3GPP Access in 5G), which are essential for establishing new deployment models.
17:30 — 18:15

SESSION 3: 5G Security Features

The session deals with insights to 5G security aspects (3GPP, Release-15). An overview of key security features of 5G (such as Unified Authentication Framework, SBA security, Interworking security, Privacy enhancements etc.) will be covered. Additionally, an overview of security study areas for upcoming Release-16 (such as Long term key update, 256-bit algorithms, Cellular IoT, etc.) will be explained. The session will conclude with key comparisons between 4G and 5G security aspects.
18:15 — 19:00

SESSION 4: Emerging 5G Verticals

The session begins with a review of the evolution of telecom services and the 5G capabilities offered to the verticals. The session will also present an overview of how 3GPP is enabling newer 5G verticals (such as Mission Critical, Automotive, etc.) including the definition of application support layer, and northbound API framework. Finally, the session will conclude with other potential verticals that may exploit 5G capabilities.
19:00 — onw

Networking Cocktails and Dinner

Day 2 @The ImperialFriday Sep 28, 2018
09:00 — 10:00

Registration and Interactive Tea/ Coffee.

10:00 — 10:45

Session 1: Opening Ceremony and Key Note Presentations

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