ITU-APT Foundation of India presents:
THE 26-28 GHz

New Delhi, India
Sep 27-28, 2018

2018-09-28 09:00:00
Sep 27-The Park: Workshop starts @3PM followed by Dinner @7PM
Sep 28-The Imperial: Workshop starts @9AM

5G Tech Session & Speakers

IAFI is pleased to bring you the 5G Tech Sessions in partnership with Samsung R&D, Bangalore. The 5G Tech Sessions are designed to provide you an overview of the 5G Technology across the entire stack and end-to-end, covering the aspects of Radio, Core Network, Security and Services. These sessions will be presented by experts who have been closely working on these topics within 3GPP, and therefore, should provide you a first-hand view of the key underlying concepts of the 5G Technology. The sessions will not only provide you an overview of 5G, but will put emphasis on the differences between LTE and 5G, as well as the new enhancements that sets 5G apart from the conventional LTE/3G systems. We look forward to your participation in these knowledge sharing sessions!


The Speakers

Suresh Chitturi
Samsung R&D

Mr. Suresh Chitturi is currently the Director, and Head of Technology Standards at Samsung R&D in Bangalore of Samsung Electronics. He has over 18 years’ experience in the mobile technology industry.

Mr. Chitturi currently serves as the Chairman of 3GPP SA6 Working Group (the first 3GPP Chairman from India!), which is responsible for the development of application-layer standards including mission critical and non-mission critical applications, and as well as a common framework to support northbound APIs for 3rd party services utilizing telecommunication networks. He also represents Samsung R&D in TSDSI as the member of Governing Council, and Chairman of the TSDSI Roadmap Committee.

Suresh has contributed actively towards the development of technology and standards strategy in various global Standards Organizations (SDOs) such as W3C, JCP, OMA, GSMA, and 3GPP including leadership and editor roles for a number of technical specifications, with more than 40 patent applications and over 15 patent grants.

He holds a Master of Science degree, in Computer Sciences from University of North Texas, and a Graduate Certificate from The University of Dallas in USA.

Anshuman Nigam
Samsung R&D

Anshuman Nigam is a Senior Principal Engineer, associated with Samsung R&D Institute India, Bangalore (SRIB) where he is jointly responsible for 5G NW Development & 5G 3GPP RAN Standards activities. He holds a graduate degree in electrical engineering from IIT Kanpur.

While at Samsung he has actively worked in Research & Development of 5G, LTE & WiMAX technologies. He has served as a delegate from Samsung to 3GPP RAN2 & WiMAX2.0 Standards Groups from 2008 until 2014. He has co-authored more than 70 patents in 4G and 5G area and several contributions to WiMAX technology.

His current interest lies in evolving millimeter wave based 5G systems from niche trials to commercial reality.

Mangesh Ingale
Samsung R&D

Mangesh Ingale is a Senior Chief Engineer in CTO’s office, Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd (SRI-B). Mangesh brings 14 plus years of rich global experience in Research and Standardization in Telecom industry, having worked with C-Dot Alcatel-Lucent Research Center (CARC) and Nokia. He did his graduation in Electronics and Post-Graduate in Digital Communication systems from Pune University and Chalmers Technical University respectively.

Since 2009, he is with SRI-B representing Samsung as delegate to 3GPP standards meetings. He possesses technical expertise in wireless technologies – UMTS, WiMAX, LTE and 5G NR. His current key responsibility includes leading and driving standardization on RAN aspects in global SDOs i.e. 3GPP, ITU-R and on services aspects in India in close coordination with Indian SDO TSDSI. He has actively submitted 100+ technical contributions to 3GPP, several patent filings and technical articles in leading global conferences on wireless communications. Currently, he is Vice Chair for Study Group 2 in TSDSI.

Lalith Kumar
Samsung R&D

Lalith Kumar is currently a Standards Research Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore. He is among the lead contributors to 3GPP CT1 (Non Accesses stratum group) Working Group. He has 11 years of rich experience in cellular wireless communication, where he has contributed in Development, Research and Commercialization of Samsung mobile products. His core area of work is Non Accesses stratum (NAS), and core network protocols.

Narendranath T
Samsung R&D

Narendranath Tangudu (Naren) is currently a Standards Research Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore. He actively participates and contributes to 3GPP (SA3 - Security working group) specifications. Naren championed specification of Common API Framework (CAPIF) security aspects.

He is a security expert by profession and has 17 years of industry experience in the security domain at his previous positions at IBM and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. His expertise includes architecture, design and development of Security and Service management solutions for enterprise customers in different industry verticals (Telecom, Government and Finance), Managed Security Services offerings in the space of Endpoint Threat Detection, Infrastructure security, Compliance (PCI DSS) and IDM (Identity and Access Management) domains. He holds architecture certification from TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework).

Basavaraj Pattan
Samsung R&D

Basavaraj Pattan is an Associate Architect in CTO’s office, Samsung R&D Institute India Bangalore Pvt. Ltd (SRI-B).
Basavaraj (Basu) has been representing Samsung Electronics for 15+ years in mobile communications domain and has taken an active part in application and services standards work in global and regional forums including Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), GSMA, 3GPP and TSDSI.

Basu is currently rapporteur for Mission Critical Data (MCData) specification and Common API Framework (CAPIF) work item in 3GPP. He brought his vast experience in developing applications and services standards expertise and played a key role in accomplishing mission critical communication standards, CAPIF specifications and Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) Application Layer Support study in 3GPP SA6 working group. He is one of the drivers in TSDSI for studying Broadband Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) topic. He is very keen on researching several emerging 5G topics like Smart Factory, Drones, Edge computing, V2X. In his career he has secured 15+ internationally granted patents and some of them are under grant process.

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