Membership Benefits

Following benefits and privileges, inter alia are available to Members of ITU-APT-FOUNDATION OF INDIA:

    1. Attend society membership meetings and general body meetings;
    2. Eligible to be nominated for the election to the Governing Council, which establishes and guides policies and priorities;
    3. Eligible to vote on important issues and matters related to the society: the Constitution, Board election etc;
    4. Participate in any of the society working groups, Committees etc;
    5. Invitation to all the events conducted by the society at no fee or at discounted rates as applicable;
    6. Access to information related to ITU and APT and other telecom journals where members can also contribute;
    7. Experton all the telecommunication, telecommunication research and development, standardization etc. can be made available to the members;
    8. Nomination as part of Indian Delegation to participate in the ITU/APT conference/events/seminars/meeting/training in India and abroad. List of participants nominated is made available o request for reference;
    9. Attend free or at discounted rates, the seminars, conference and workshops, organized by the Foundation. List of past events is made available o request for reference;
    10. Propose creation of new benefits and programs at the General Body Meeting, after the approval of which they would become available;
    11. Opportunity to offer expertise to provide professional advise/consulting services through IAFI Consulting group;
    12. Member may be provided TIES registration account of international Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva, Switzerland, if required.

Recent Events

Jun 20, 2019:
World Wifi Day